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Healthy house
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Overview of health house

"Healthy house" means deepening the reform of community health service, and to achieve "a minor illness into the community, seriously ill in hospital, rehabilitation in community health work goal," to improve the community hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases in the early detection and treatment level, building in the community residents self help health management.



The importance of health management

The report of world health organization 《the prevention of chronic disease: a vital investment》said, the prevention of chronic diseases of global action to 2015 can save originally will be the death of 36000000 people. At present, chronic disease is the world's leading cause of death, its effects in steadily increasing. The report predicts, about 17000000 people per year will be premature death because of the global epidemic of chronic disease. With millions of people due to heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes premature death and suffering needlessly prospects, The W.H.O. Says that must stop the global epidemic of chronic disease......

China is moving towards obesity

21CN data: overweight 22.8%, number:two hundred million

Obesity 7.1%, number: 6 ten million

Big city data: overweight 30%, obesity 12.3%

Children overweight and obesity: 8.1%

The self-help health house


The district government investment

Implement the establishment of comprehensive prevention and control demonstration area of chronic disease that the country proposed and by the district financial appropriation for a project.

District health bureau deployed

Prevention and treatment of chronic diseases should be health file for grasper, on the basis of information collected on the basis of the crowd, classify, and targeted by the intervention.Establish health file for residents.

Community health implementation

Community health service center is responsible for the site, staff and maintenance management, and in the implementation of health examination and health education activities

2.The contents if implementation

[capital investment]   By the district financial appropriation, about investment of 10 million yuan RMB for a project.

[Detection project establishment]   With "three tenors" monitoring as the theme, select eight testing project.

[coverage]   Facing the region live all the crowds, especially the 60 years old crowd 100% implementation.

[free service check ]   The government provides free health card, advocate free public health service concept.

[Data Archive ]   All testing the crowd for data management, the establishment of residents health files.

The Cuban-American community NO.1 self examination

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