Sonka E600A blood pressure machine omron


Sonka E600A blood pressure machine omron

Model SK-E600A
Level ClassⅠ Grade B
Dimensions Package dimensions:97*60*135CM
Package dimensions:118KG ,Net weight:78KG
Product dimensions:80*112.4*237.5CM
Mother board CPU 4 cores Cortex-A17,1.8GHz
SW Platform Android 5.1
Power 12V-3A
Display interface LVDS channels(1, 6 dual way, 8, 10 dual way )EDP interface,MIPI interface,HDMI 2.0
Max. Resolution:3840*2160
Display screen 10.1-inch capacitive multi-touch screen
Resolution:1280ⅹ3(RGB) ⅹ 800
Data Output Interface LAN network interface,WIFI,4G
Connection Support Ethernet/WIFI/Blue Tooth
Power adaptor Type LRS-50-3.3
Voltage /frequency range 85~264V AC / (47Hz/63Hz)
Rated power/rated current 33W/10A
DC Voltage output  3.3V
Humidity range of operation( Storage temperature range) 5℃~45℃(-10℃~+60℃)
ID card reader Customized
Printer Name SPRT Thermal printer
Printing Method Thermal Line
Resolution 8 dots/mm, 384 dots/line
Printing Speed 100 mm/s
Effective Printing Width 48mm
Paper Width 57mm±0.5mm
Weight 334g
Working temperature/humidity 0~50℃/10~80%
Height measurement Configured body height SONKA body height
Measuring system Ultrosonic
Range of measurement 70.0~205cm
Verified precision ±0.1cm
Body weight measurement Configured body weight SONKA body weight
Measuring system Resistance strain gauge
Body weight index Automatic intelligent calculation of body mass index
Range of measurement 300kg
Verified precision ±0.1kg
Measurement of blood oxygen Equipped with oximeter Creative KS-CM01
sensor Dual-wavelength LED
Wave length Glow: 663nm    Infrared: 890nm
Range 35%-100%
Max. Light output power <2mW
Measurement error In the range of 70% to 100%, the measurement error is ±2%
Accuracy Difference at ±3% within 70%-100%
Pulse rate error 30-250bpm, error is ±2bpm or ±2%, take bigger value
Working temperature 5℃-40℃
Relative humidity 15%-95%(non condensation)
Atmosphere pressure 70kpa-106kpa
Power supply Power adaptor
Blood pressure measurement Model RBP-9000
Measurement range Pressure: 0 mmHg to 270 mmHg(0kPa~37kPa);Pulse: 40 to 180/min.
Accuracy Pressure: ±2mmHg (±0.267kpa)Pulse: ±2% of display reading
Internal storage Automatically save 100 medical records
Power source AC 100-240V,50-60Hz,1.6-0.8A
Operating environment 5℃~40℃   15%RH~80%RH
Storage temperature/humidity -20℃~+55℃,≤93%RH
Air pressure 80Kpa~106Kpa
Storage air pressure 50Kpa~106Kpa
Size 471.5*402.0*309.0mm
Protective Class I,Type B
Console weight Approximately 8.0kg
Arm circumference 17cm~42cm
QR Scan model Model JX20
Type CMOS Sensor
Speed 1/60s
Field of view Opposite angle 84°,Horizontal angle 72°,Vertical angle54°
Accuracy Two-dimension code≥7.5mil,One-dimension code≥5mil
Recognition Close to 0-30CM(depends on the code)
Scan angle Intersection angle360°,Elevation angle±55°,Deflection angle±55°
Support International QR code standard:
QR Code,Data Matrix,PDF417
Contrast Minimum:25%
Fill-in light White
Size 69*53*42mm
Scan mode Command /sensing /trigger
Working temperature -20℃~55℃
Storage temperature -40℃~80℃
Humidity 5%RH~95%RH
Ambient light Max,100,000Lux
Voltage input 5Pin socket&12Pin socket input:3-3.6V or3.6-16V
Operating current <230mA(3.3V input),<190mA(5V input),<100mA(10V input)
Standby current Approximately 5mA(3.3V input)
Body temperature module Infrared thermometer NC-9900
Display accuracy ±0.1℃
Operating temperature 10~40℃
Storage air pressure 70kPa~106kPa
Relative humidity ≤85%RH
DC power DC 3.0V
Specification 160*90*40mm
Weight ≤100g
Range of body measurement 32.0~42.5℃
Accuracy ±0.3℃
Current drain OFF≤20uA,ON≤20mA
Auto standby 8s
Memory 32 sets


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