Sonka Height Weight Bmi Scale Blood Pressure Machine


Sonka Height Weight Bmi Scale Blood Pressure Machine

Model No. SK-X60HD
Class Category Ⅰ Grade B
Body weight measurement Measuring system Resistance strain gauge load cell
Configured body weight Sonka body weight
Range of measurement 500kg
Verified precision ±0.1kg
Height measurement Measuring system Ultrosonic probe
Configured body height Sonka body height
Range of measurement 70.0~200cm
Verified precision 0.1cm
Blood pressure measurement Model Raycome, RBP-7000
Display LCD Digital Display
Measurement Method Oscillometric method
Measurement Range Pressure: 0 mmHg to 299 mmHg, Pulse: 40 to 180/min.
Accuracy Pressure: ±3 mmHg, Pulse: ± 5%
Inflation Electric pump
Deflation Automatic pressure release valve
Pressure Detection Capacitive pressure sensor
Memory 84 Measurements with date and time for each user(A and B)
AC/DC adapter Input 100-240V 50Hz/60Hz,Output 6V/9.6W
Storage temperature/Humidity/Air Pressure -20°C to 60°C/10 to 95% RH700 – 1060 hPa
Weight Approximately 2600 g
Dimensions Approximately 286 (l) mm * 294 (w) mm * 271 (h) mm
Arm Circumference 22 to 42 cm
Measurement of Fat Measuring system Multi-frequency 4- Electrode
Measurement frequency 5kHz/50kHz/250kHz/500kHz
Measurement category “Body fat, visceral fat, body water, muscle, bone mass, basal metabolism”
Material Electroplating material
Current for measurement 90μA or below
Range of measurement 75.0~1,500.00Ω (0.1ΩUnit)
Measurement of blood oxygen Blood oxygen probe CREATIVE KS-CM01
Sensor Dual wavelength LED
Wavelength Visible light( Max):663nm, Invisible Light:890nm
Measurement range 35%~100%
Average output power (Max) ≤2mW
Measurement error In the range of 70% to 100% < ±2%
Accuracy In the range of 70% to 100% < ±3%
Pulse rate measurement error 30~250bpm (Monitoring error is ±2bpm or ±%2, whichever is the largest)
Working humidity 5℃~40℃
Relative Humidity 15%~95%(Non-condensing)
Atmospheric pressure 70kpa~106kpa
Power supply mode Powered by ancillary equipment
Range of measurement 95-99%(±2%normal status,±3% motion or weak perfusion,less than 95% undefined)
Body temperature Infrared thermometer Calibeur DT-8836
Accuracy 0.1 ℃
Operating Temperature 10~40℃
Storage temperature 0~50℃
Relative humidity ≤85%
Power supply DC 9V(6F22:a layer-built battery)
Dimensions 150*75*40mm
Weight Gross weight: 400g, Net weight: 172g
Measurement range 32.0~42.5℃
Object temperature range 0~100℃
Accuracy 5℃~40℃
Power dissipation ≤120mw
Measurement distance 5-8cm
Auto power off About 15 seconds
Touch display Display screen “21”imported color LCD panel, response speed:6ms, bearing a super height of 1500nits, Visible LCD Screen under sunlight.”
Temperature and humidity Temperature:0–50℃;Humidity:10%–90%(Relative,non-compact)
Resolution rate 800*600 / 32bit true color
Brightness and Contrast 400cd/㎡ ; 5000:1
Average trouble-free time of touch panels Industrial-grade Resistance Touch Panel,more than 20 thousand hours of trouble-free operation;
Life endurance of touch panel More than 30 million times of trouble-free operation(Tip R0.8mm)
Data output port LAN network port
Power voltage 100-240 AC (50Hz/60Hz)
Rated power (100W)Max.
Temperature of operation/Storage 5℃~45℃(-10℃~+60℃)
Computer Brand: GIFA industrial control, Intel dual core processor


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