Telemedicine kiosk manufacturers


Telemedicine kiosk manufacturers

Model No. SK-T8X
Level Class I, type B
Height Height sensor Ultrasound probe(Buy from USA)
Accuracy 0.01cm
Weight BMI Automatic calculation
Loadcell 500kg
Accuracy ±0.1kg
Body composition analysis Frequencies 5kHz/50kHz/250kHz/500kHz
Measurement Body fat, visceral fat, body water, muscle, bone mass, basal metabolism
Measurement current 90μA or below
Electrode material Electroplating material
Measurement range 75.0~1,500.00Ω(0.1Ω unit)
Measurement location Trunk, 4 limbs
Body temperature Test Method Infrared wireless hand-held temperature gun
Accurate to 0.1 ℃
Operation & storage temperature 10~40℃, 0~50℃
Operation & storage humidity ≤85%
Power DC 9V
Dimension 150*75*40mm
Weight 180g
Human temperature range 32.0~42.5℃
Object temperature range 0~100℃
Accuracy ≤±0.3℃
Power consumption ≤120mw
Detection distance 5 to 8 cm
Auto-off after 15 seconds
Blood pressure monitor Blood pressure range “(0~270)mmHg,[(0~36)Kpa] Pulse rate: 40-180bpm”
Storage capacity 100 pcs of record
Accuracy Blood pressure: <±2mmHg(±0.267kpa)Pulse: <±2%
Power AC 100-240V,50-60Hz,1.6-0.8A
Operation temperature & humidity 5℃~40℃ 15%RH~80%RH
Transport & storage temperure & humidity -20℃~55℃ <93%RH
Operation atmospheric pressure 80Kpa~106Kpa
Transport & storage atmospheric pressure 50Kpa~106Kpa
Dimension 471.5mm(L)*402.0mm(W)*309.0mm(H)
Electric shock protection Class I, type B
Device weight 8kg
Arm circumference 17-42cm
Blood oxygen Probe Dual-wavelength LED
Wave length Red light: 663nm, Infrared: 890nm
Range 35%~100%
Power of maximum light output ≤2mW
Blood oxygen rate accuracy Range: 70%~100%, ±2%
Pulse rate accuracy Range: 30~250bpm, ±2%
Operation temperature 5℃~40℃
Operation humidity 15%~95%
Atmospheric pressure 70kpa~106kpa
Power input From main device by RS232
ECG Leads 6 or 12 leads
Collection Syhchronization
Calibration voltage 1mV±5%
Polarization resistance voltage ±300mV
Sensitivity 5, 10, 20(mm/mV)
Input impedance ≥5MΩ
Input loop current <0.05uA
Heart rate range 20-300bmp/min
Noise level ≤15uVp-p
Filtering EMG Filtering
Baseline filtering
AC filtering
Common mode rejection ratio >90dB
Time constant ≥3.2s
Frequency response 0.05Hz~150Hz(-3.0dB/+0.4dB)
Rhythmic lead Any leads optional
Base line adjustment Automatic
Patient leak current <10uA(220V-240V)
Patient auxiliary current ≤0.1uA(DC)
Safety standard IEC II/CF
Sampling frequency 500Hz
Electrode Chest electrodes and limb electrodes adopt international colors, each matches different color
“Blood glucose Uric acid Total cholesterol” Measurement range Blood glucie: 1.1-33.3mmol/L(20-600mg/dL) Uric acid: 0.18-1.19mmol/L(3-20mg/dL) cholesterol: 2.59-10.35mmol/L(100-400mg/dL)
Measurement time blood glucoe: 5s±0.5s Uric acid: 15S±0.5S Total cholesterol: 26S±0.5S
Reference for normal Blood glucose before meal: 3.9mmol/L-6.1 mmol/L Blood glucose after 2 hours of meal: <7.8 mmol/L
Uric acid of male: 0.21~0.43mmol/L
Uric acid of female: 0.16~0.36mmol/
Uric acid of children: 0.12~0.33mmol/L
Total cholesterol: 2.86~5.98mmol/L
Accuracy ±0.3(test by standard resistance slip)
Display mmol/Lx and time display
Inbuilt battery 3V Lithium battery
Lipid profile Sample type Capillary vessel whole blood sample, venous blood
Type Total cholesterol
HDL: High density Lipoprotein
TG: Triglyceride
LDL: Low density Lipoprotein(By calculation)
Method Enzymatic colorimetric analysis
Mesurement range Total cholesterol: 100-400mg/dL(2.6-10.3mmol/L)
Triglyceride: 70-600mg/dL(0.8-6.8mmol/L)
High density Lipoprotein: 25-80mg/dL(0.8-2.1mmol/L)
Test period About 120 seconds
Calibration Plasma or similar product
Sample volume 5 microlitre
Blood glucose Sample type Capillary vessel whole blood sample
Measurement range 10-600 mg/dL(0.6-33.3mmol/L)
Sample volume 0.3 microlitre
Test period 3 seconds
Calibration Plasma or similar product
HCT range 20-60%
RFID Standard: IS0/IEC 15693
Read/write distance: 2cm
Antenna: integrated
Frequence: 13.56MHz
Measurement theory for blood glucose Electrochemistry, Optical spectrum
Storage capacity 200
Operation temperature “Lipid profile: 18-30℃(64-86℉) Blood glucose: 10-40℃ (50-104℉)”
Operation humidity 10-90%
Storage temperature 2-30℃(36-80℉)
Display LCD
Dimension 61*109*23(mm)
Weight 77.5(with battery)±1g
Battery life time >1000 cycle use
Advertisement screen Display screen 19″ LCD screen, visible under sunshine
Opertion screen Display screen 17″ LCD screen
Dimension Package dimension: 121(L)*190(H)*140(W)cm
Machine dimension: 242(H)*174(L)*61(W)cm
Inbuilt PC and processor Gifa® industrial board, Intel 4 core CPU
Operation system Windows 7 32bits OS
A4 printer HP-P1106
Data output port TCP/IP
Voltage 220 AC (50Hz/60Hz)
Power consumption 100W (Max.)
Operation and storage temperature 5℃~45℃(-10℃~+60℃)
Machine weight 76kg


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