Primary Health Care Solutions

  • Our machine offer service for Primary medical and health institutions Internet and intelligent chronic disease management solution.
  • Our products are applicable to: medical institutions, community service centers, township hospitals, village clinics, enterprise health management, health care center, fitness club, and so on.
  • As the leader of intelligent chronic disease management solutions, Sonka provides sets of primary health care Internet solutions that benifits people in request for medical help.
  • For managers, it can realize the authenticity and continuous dynamic management of electronic health records, Real-time monitoring of data in medical and health institutions,Achieve quantifiable, efficient and fair performance appraisal, effectively to manage data statistics.

What is Sonka’s intelligent chronic disease management solution?

1.To help achieve efficient delivery of basic national public health services.

Help for chronic disease management center at the minimum cost and provide efficient tools for primary-level medical and health institutions.Help to efficiently realize the national basic public health service: multi-ipad file system, file according to the national standard, quickly improve the file efficiency and alleviate the problem of heavy workload.

2.Health Management Services

Self-service physical examination saves human cost. The data of detection can be uploaded to the chronic disease management cloud platform. Through regular and irregular return visits of doctors, the electronic health records can be changed from dead files to live files of dynamic management.Residents can check the health test report at any time, get health assessment, diet and exercise and other health guidance, so that health management from passive to active.

3.Chronic disease management cloud platform

Through the integrated information management system, the work of registration, filing, testing, printing and other information management, real-time docking public health platform to achieve connectivity, to avoid repeated filing, improve the rate of acceptance and accuracy of filing;The follow-up system is convenient and efficient by carrying the follow-up bag +IPAD follow-up form at any time and recording the follow-up record at any time.

4.Health education

Health education: Realize online and offline health education and improve the popularity of health knowledge among residents through testing equipment, publicity boards, websites, public accounts, apps and other Internet means.

5.Personalize customization

Product functions can be further expanded and customized according to needs.The test parameters can increase bone density, lung function, personal wearable products, etc.