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Shenzhen Sonka Electronic Technologies Limited is the first company which produces professional body scales in China. Sonka has been certified as one of the high-tech enterprises by Shenzhen government. Sonka has professional R&D, marketing and sales departments both at home and abroad.

    Sonka, founded in early 2003, has been in the leading position of body scale industry for several years thanks to our high technology, perfect quality, satisfactory after-sales services and well-arranged management. Sonka has a great team who were strictly trained up for the techniques in our R&D department. During the past 18 years, more than 20 models were designed with our own patents. These series of health scales have been widely used in hospitals, schools, gymnastics and health-care departments throughout the world and won a good reputation both at home and abroad.

What we offer

Feature Products




Measure Your Health

Blood Oxgen
Bllood Pressure
Uric Acid
Body Composition
Urine Test
Blood Sugar
Blood Fat

Primary Health Care Solutions

Our machine offer service for Primary medical and health institutions Internet and intelligent chronic disease management solution.

Our products are applicable to: medical institutions, community service centers, township hospitals, village clinics, enterprise health management, health care center, fitness club, and so on.

As the leader of intelligent chronic disease management solutions, Sonka provides sets of primary health care Internet solutions that benifits people in request for medical help.

For managers, it can realize the authenticity and continuous dynamic management of electronic health records, Real-time monitoring of data in medical and health institutions,Achieve quantifiable, efficient and fair performance appraisal, effectively to manage data statistics. check detail at this page.

What is Sonka’s intelligent chronic disease management solution?

1.To help achieve efficient delivery of basic national public health services.
2.2.Health Management Services
3.Chronic disease management cloud platform
4.Health education
5.Personalize customization



No need to book an appointment, save time and get immediate prescriptions using our health Stations

Follow the below steps to save time:

1.Lon in our machine withQR code, ID, mobile phone
2.A Doctor will immediately check your body vital sign follow the voice prompt.
3.The machine get data of your body and transfer to report in build-in printer.

Why Choose Us

Industry Leader

Sonka has been in smart medical health check station for 17year since 2003, it has become the industry leader for long history. Sonka is the strategic partner of China Medical Materials Association. Sonka Represented China takes part in the Hasakstan Health Organization Trade Association. And Sonka is gold suppliers of many international brand customers like Omron, Huawei, Alibaba Group, Tencent, Peking Union Medical, China Life, PingAn etc.

Product Patent

Sonka owns more than 30 product patents. and own CE, ISO 9001, ISO13485 certificates and pass Rohs compliant. our equipments acquire patent for utility models and design patent. we can well protect the interests of our agencies.

Quality Guarantee

All of our products use the high quality ABS aviation materials, they will be strictly detected in every process, and pass safety inspection, every equipment will have a high temprature test in our testing house for 4 hours to check its property before packaging, and simulated transport vibration test lasting 4 hours to check if it is still in good performance before shipping.

Technical support

We have our own research and development department. off 24 hours online technical support directory message or telephone. and specialized maintenance for after sale service, any question related our products we will resonse in 24 hours.

Easy Operate

Our health check stations are designed to be easy and friendly for everybody to self body check follow by voice prompt. Sonka’s health check machines are very safe to operate, Your privacy and security are a big deal to us, and we work hard to protect them. All Sonka stations and our data storage meet healthcare security standards.

Accurate Data

Sonka’s Health check machines are certificates cleared and go through a rigorous QA process, so you can trust your results of report, our technicians check them at the factory, in the warehouse, and again during installation. Our machine has compare with authorized brand without much difference.

Rapid Test

No need to line up for long time, it is rapid to get report without a few minutes to check with our health check machine.

Smart Operate

Through the construction of healthy community, residents can self-measure height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar and other projects, understand their own basic health status and health risks, learn self-health management and daily health care methods. all this data is easy to get by smart operation of our health check machine.

30000+ Successful Case

Tens of thousands of the clinics, urban hospital, community hospita, rural hospital, fitness center, health care center, Gymnasium, school, nursing homes, retirement homes,pharmacy,shopping center in our country and all over the world more than 30000+ are using our health check machine bring convenience to people.

Our Factory

Our Certificates

Frequency Questions and Answers

How does the body fat work?

The Health Station uses bioelectrical impedance to measure body fat. An ultra-low current is sent through your hands and measures resistance. This resistance provides data for a calculation for body composition.

How accurate is the Health Station?

The height sensor accurate difference is ±1cm, testing range from 70 to 200cm

The weight scale accurate difference is ±100g, testing range from 5-300kg.

The blood pressure testing range is 0-299mm Hg, 40pulse/min~240pulse/min.

The body fat uses a calculation that is regarded as representative enough when compared to the gold standard underwater weighing, and caters for users up to 50% body fat. Factors like

hydration, activity and time since eating can all influence body fat results.

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  1. We are interested in your . BMI

    as well as would like to be your distributor in Thailand.

    Could you kindly send us the e-catalog in english?

    – I would like permission to introduce my company to you.

    Best regards

  2. Hello I own a medical device service company where we have multiple clinics throughout the country that look to us for technology and devices to help their practices with their patients. We are currently using multiple pieces of equipment and I’d be interested in hearing more about yours. I don’t see a phone number to call. I would like an email Or a call to discuss the CPT codes that are available and the DX codes that correspond with those CPT codes as medical necessity in the United States Medicare billing/CMS system.

    1. Ana Isabel Florez Fernández

      Hola estoy interesada en el modelo 780 quiero saber si el software tiene la opción del idioma español tienen algún teléfono para poder informarme
      Un saludo. Ana

  3. Dear Sirs of Sonka
    My name is John Naclio. I am a distributor of Lenovo and Huawei among other brands in Latinamerica.
    This brands we represent have made us make very strong connections with the entire LATAM market, and we are having a strong demand for your telemedicine health devices.
    We are in a position to attend this demand.
    I kindly ask you if it is possible to send me more information about your products and also the trade terms.
    Also would like to know the chance of setting an agreement for distribution between our companies.
    Thank you very much.
    Best regards,

      1. Yo compre mi equipo llego a mi país 2 meses después pero pedí el Idioma Español viene en Ingles me dijeron que me cambiarían al Epañol por $500 y yo lo compre para país Centro americano , luego que en 2 semanas harian el cambio de idioma hace 1 mes y aun no lo hacen. Por Favor Sally o Demo Sonka
        Es necesario que se comuniquen al +504 9990-2002

  4. Hello Friends.

    We need to quote 20 of the Sonka Kiosk station for export to Guatemala.

    Can you help me.

    My phone number is + 502 4150 6533.

    Best regards

    Carlos Garin

  5. Fernando Arsuaga

    Good morning
    My name is Fernando Arsuaga, I am from Mexico.
    I am a distributor in the pharmaceutical market and I have a very big client, one of the biggest pharmacy chain of Mexico, which is very interested in putting self service health kiosks in their stores. I am looking for this kind of kiosks so I can offer them to my client.
    Is it possible to get a quotation of your self service checkuo kiosk? i need quotation for 10 pcs, 100pcs and 500 pcs.
    Thank you

  6. samuel stonick

    Hi, i would like to order for spares for my SK-x80 which i bought from you some several years ago,can I .

  7. Hi good moorning.
    Our Company purchased four SK-X60HDs.
    It works very well.

    I have three questions.

    1.we need health data to save our server.
    how can we save the data from SK-X60HD to our server?

    2.Do you have app for health data from SK-X60HD?
    if you have app, how can we use it?

    3.we want to add a breathalyzer to SK-X60HD.
    how can we install a breathalyzer to SK-X60HD and setting configuration?

    Thank you so much.

  8. Halo i am Michael Chow from ELCHK, Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation Kwan Shon Hing Yu Chui Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
    i am look for more information and quotation about “Sonka Height Weight Bmi Scale Blood Pressure Machine”

  9. Dear Sir / MAdam

    Good Day

    I am interested in products . connect me to your international sales manager.

    we are doing projects for govt. and private hospital in telemetry devices.

    waiting for your early response.

  10. Hello!
    We bought 4 products(model : sk-x60hd).
    our clients wants manual (pdf or ppt file) for this product.
    how to get manual for sk-x60hd?
    Thank you.

  11. Bonjour, j’ai une pèse personne sk-x80 j’ai perdu le module de l’imprimante thermique et j’arrive pas à le trouver svp j’ai besoin de ce module ou bien l’imprimante svp répondez moi rapidement et si c’est possible de nous livrer rapidement ce module ou limdans les brefs délais

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